ZF has been on the forefront of driveline and chassis technology for decades. ZF products enhance comfort and reliability in freight transport, and set new standards when it comes to economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

ZF Chassis, Driveline, Gearbox & Suspension Components

From the development of new patents to series production: ZF has for decades set the pace in driveline and chassis technology.

Commercial Vehicles

The demands placed on commercial vehicle technology are becoming more and more complex. Particularly in goods transport, vehicles are expected to operate as efficiently as possible. This expectation is met by extremely durable, state-of-the-art transmissions, driveline components, axles, chassis components and steering systems.

The weight of commercial vehicles differs greatly depending on whether they're loaded or unloaded. External influences, such as side winds and road surface conditions, also affect driving behaviour. But commercial vehicles must be firmly under control at all times: with ZF components for wheel suspension, axle location, damping and suspension, as well as with ZF chassis systems.

Trucks used for distribution, express mail and parcel delivery are subject to particularly severe strains in day-to-day traffic. This necessitates advanced driveline and chassis technology that can hold up to the wear and tear with minimum maintenance.


People who place their trust in buses and coaches have a right to expect maximum safety and comfort. To achieve this, the driveline, chassis and steering systems must be of the highest quality and perfectly matched for compatibility. This is what makes buses and coaches one of the safest and most comfortable means of transport.

To compete with other modes of transportation, vehicle manufacturers, bus companies and transit authorities focus on exclusivity, comfort, safety and environmental sustainability. For over 20 years, ZF axle systems have defined the development of modern buses with resounding success. ZF transmissions make more economical driving and resource conservation possible. 

(All information courtesy of ZF)