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Dinex Exhausts & Emission Control Systems...

Dinex Exhausts & Emission Control Systems


Based on the original products, Dinex develops complete exhaust systems for trucks, buses and vans on the aftermarket.  The Dinex philosophy is to develop systems for all types and models on the market. Within three years from the introduction of the original product, the matching Dinex product will be available to the customer.  Complete exhaust systems also include various emission control technologies.


Emission Control Technologies

With a range of different emission technologies available, Dinex is ready for the tightened requirements - set up by the European Parliament. The line of technologies include: Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), DiNOx system - a combination of the DPF and SCR technologies.


Dinex supplies all parts for all types and models - The number of parts is continuously increasing, as the philosophy of Dinex is to supply all parts of an exhaust system – silencers, pipes and fittings etc. – and to cover all types and models for each commercial vehicle make within three years after the vehicle has been introduced.


Truck product range  The Dinex product range includes exhaust systems for European truck makes such as:  Mercedes • Volvo • Scania • DAF • Iveco • MAN • Renault • most UK only makes.


Bus product range  In the same way, Dinex also covers the bus range of exhaust systems for makes like:  Evobus • Neoman • Irisbus • Volvo • Scania • Most of the British produced buses.


Van product range  The van segment, defined by vehicles from 2-7 ton, is a future growth business of Dinex with applications for:  Mercedes • VW • Iveco • Renault • Peugeot • Citroën • Ford • Fiat • All the Asian makes.


Universal parts

Furthermore, Dinex has a line of universal parts like pipes, bends, flex pipes, vertical silencers, clamps and rubber mountings etc.  Product Development Centralised R&D facility


The development department for the OEM market is centrally located in Denmark. A centralised R&D facility is important to ensure the market optimal partnership in the development process, ranging from the first exchange of information until initial samples are supplied.

(All information courtesy of Dinex Ltd.)


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DiSiC® Example: Renault Premium DXi11 / Magnum DXi12 / Volvo FH12

DiSiC® Example: Renault Premium DXi11 / Magnum DXi12 / Volvo FH12

DiSiC® Example: Mercedes Benz Atego

DiSiC® Example:

Mercedes Benz Atego

DiSiC® Example: Setra / Mercedes / Neoplan

DiSiC® Example:

Setra / Mercedes / Neoplan

Part Example: Water and Air Charge Pipe

Part Example:

Water and Air Charge Pipe